Stimuli-Responsive Functional Organic & Hybrid Materials



New NSF Grant (CHE-2203985) for the research group!


Congrats Amina Khatun & Monica Gordillo for securing jobs @ Intel & Dow Chemicals.


Congrats Paola Benavides and Shiyu Zhang for first author papers in Chem. Sci.


New electrically conducting double-helical MOF featured on the ACS-AMI cover.

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Stimuli-Responsive Electronic and Photonic Metal–Organic Frameworks 
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Anion and Ion-Pair Recognition with π-Acidic Bisimide Receptors
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Multichromophoric Supramolecular Solar Cells
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pH-Responsive Vesicles and Nanotubes Based on Self-Assembled Amphiphilic Macrocycles
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