Sourav Saha, PhD

Associate Professor

Department of Chemistry

Clemson University

211 S. Palmetto Blvd.

Clemson, SC 29634, USA


Phone: 1-864-656-3099

Dr. Saha received his MSc degree from Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur and earned his PhD degree (2005) from University of California, Los Angeles, working on light and electron-powered molecular switches (i.e., bistable rotaxanes) under the supervision of 2016 Chemistry Nobel Laureate, Sir Fraser Stoddart. He conducted postdoctoral research in Prof. Andy Hamilton’s laboratory at Yale University (2007–09) where he studied programming DNA and PNA quadruplex structures. Dr. Saha started his independent academic career at Florida State University in 2009 before moving to Clemson University as an Associate Professor in 2016. His research interest lies at the interface of supramolecular and materials chemistry.


•    Kavli Fellow of the US National Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Sciences (2016)

•    Innovator Award, Florida State University (2015)

•    ChemComm Emerging Investigator (2014)

•    American Chemical Society Young Academic Investigator in Organic Chemistry (2014)

•    ACS-PRF Doctoral New Investigator Award (2011)

•    First Year Assistant Professor Award, Florida State University (2010)


  1. 1.NSF-1809092: Guest-Induced Electrical Conductivity and Photovoltaic Activity of Metal–Organic Frameworks  ($479,581, 2018–22, PI)

  2. 2.NSF-1660329: Reversible Anion and Ion-Pair Recognition under Electronic Control ($326,427, 2016–20, PI)

  3. 3.NSF-1725919: MRI: Acquisition of a 500 MHz NMR Spectrometer with Cryoprobe ($478,169, 2017–20, co-PI)

  4. 4.NSF-1507529: Reversible Anion and Ion-Pair Recognition under Electronic Control ($390,000, 2015–16, PI)

  5. 5.ACS-PRF-DNI4: Supramolecular Interactions of π-Acidic Napthalenediimide Receptors with Anions ($100,000, 2012–16, PI)

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